Caffell Medal Award Best Performed Player In Season 2017 – 2018

The Osborne Park Saints held their medal count the day after the first semi-final loss to Sth Perth, Sherro was unable to attend the count due to the Grand final being played at the same time.

It is always a good time to be at the Club where we can look back and reflect on the season that was, and speculate as to who it will be that wins the medal, this has usually been done in the backdrop of a premiership flag hanging on the wall.

It was a season that saw the mighty Saints play well below their best winning only three of their last 8 home and away games then crashed out in the first semi-final. It was their worst season performance in many years, but the upside was the Saints finished higher than six other clubs.

Looking back on season 2017-18 there was plenty to like with the emergence of the younger players that were given an opportunity and will become better for this season’s experience.

Gary Caffell winner of the Caffell medal 2018

1st. Gary “The Caff” Caffell 366

The good natured Gary Caffell won the medal for best player in season 2014, making it his 3rd win in the past five seasons.
He was a member of four consecutve premiership winning teams coming into this season. He was lining up to win his 5th consecutive Grand Final which looked a real possibility ½ way thru the season.

However it was not to be as the Saints started a downward slide and bowed out in the first semi-final

Apart from his obvious playing ability he is very popular among the players and possesses very good man management skills, that is evidenced by the fact that his rink were the best performed rink in the W.A Premier League this season, a task never easy to acomplishment at the best of times.

The other highlight of the year was his selection to play skip in the W.A State side.

2nd. Graham “Wings” Evans 358

Wings Evans has been an invaluable member for the Saints over many seasons, if ever there was a Mr fixit man, then Wings was your man.

A huge part of Gary Caffell’s rink for the majority of the season he was elevated to the skippers role in the last 7 games and immediatley made an impact.

Always the team man at Osborne Park and a longtime valuable contributor shown by the fact that he has been runner up for the Caffell award on three occasions, he will surely win it sometime soon.
During the season he won the Senior State Singles title in March, a huge achievment for the Winger and leaves no doubt he is in the top echelon of players in W.A

3rd. Wayne “Wayno” Neilson 353

Wayne Neilson has landed well and truly on his feet since joining Osborne Pk, Last season he played 3rd to Stein Davies, that rink made an enormous contribution to winning that premiership.

This season he settled into the role of second which is quite a demanding position to play. He did it with aplomb playing ever so well and was rewarded with the rink being the best performed in the Premier League, an honour I think should be recognised by BowlsWA.
To finish 3rd is a testament to his ability and commitment and one I am sure Osborne Pk are delighted with.
Since he joined Osborne Park he has a Premiership medal, is a member of the best rink in the competition this year, then won the State Triples last Monday. No doubt it will be a season to remember, does it get any better than this for any player ?

4th. Ian “Lilly” Lilburne 349

Ian ‘Lilly’ Lilburne was an impressive player from the moment he put his first bowl down for Osborne Park in their premiership win last season, he carried on from there this season to have a telling year playing lead. Averaging a tickle under 21 votes a game which was the best of the Osborne Pk leads this season, showing how consistent and valuable to the cause he has been.

5th. Daniel “Bear” Adam 341

It was a slow season for the “Bear” in the Premiership winning side of 2016-17 even tho he was a member of the winning State fours and played very well in that win.

The selectors kept the faith this season and were well aware there was a lot of upside to come, they stuck by him this season and have been rewarded.

The “Bear” has come along in leaps and bounds playing lead this season and making it his highest placing in the Caffell Medal award

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